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Solo works

Trunk talk (2023)

for bass clarinet, electronics and video.

Yrttitarha (2022)

concert installation for percussionist, electronics,

video and herbs.​

Henki (2022)

for accordion, electronics and video.

Töölönlahti (2021)

for bassoon, electronics and gymnastic exercises.

Metsä (2016)

for violin, electronics and scent of forest.

Kahvi (2014/2016)

concert installation for percussionist, electronics,

coffee machines and scent of coffee.

Vocal music​

Tomrum (2024)

for female choir.

Mökki (2022)

stage work for mixed choir, electronics and video.

Text by Tuulikki Blom. Video by Venla Helenius & Iiri Poteri.

Mykorrhiza (2022)

for female choir and electronics.

Hymy (2021)

for mixed choir.

Muovi (2021)

for vocal group Signe and electronics.

Paperi (2020)

for mixed choir and electronics.

a s s e m b l e (2019)

for 2000 singers and Robottikuoro.

Marenki (2018)

for mixed choir and electronics.

Text by Tuulikki Blom.

Installations and sonic sculptures

Juhla (2022)

installation with readymade Christmas sculptures.

Collaboration with  visual artist Hanna Laeslehto.

Dementian kandidaatti (2022)

installation with clockworks.

Collaboration with visual artist Hanna Laeslehto.

Bändi (2022)

four channel audio installation

resonating in wooden sculptures by Hanna Laeslehto.

Pilvenpiirtäjiä puusta (2021)

generative sound installation.

Anonymous Violinists (2020)

video work.

Robottikuoro (2019)

interactive sound and light installation.

Collaboration with Counterpoint studio.

Wing Beats (2019)

composition to visual artist Tuula Närhinen's

installation "Insects among us".

Grima (2018)

sonic sculpture with kiwi fruits.

Musta pilvi (2018)

seven channel sound installation.

Thinking sounds (2018)

four channel sound installation.

Ilmapallokone (2017)

sonic sculpture with balloons.

Collaboration with visual artist Hanna Laeslehto.

Acousmatic music

Touko (2019)

for eight channel audio.

Chamber music

Rubber band (2023)

for guitar, double bass and electronics.

Elo (2023)

for traverso, violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord and electronics.

Hybridi (2022)

for two violins and special bows.

Rendez-vous (2022) 

for flute and cello.

Heinä (2022)

for a string ensemble and electronics.

Exobiology (2019-2022)

for saxophone quartet and electronics.

The Red List (2021)

concert installation for organ, accordion and electronics.

Collaboration with composer Kalle Vainio.

Hälytyskellot (2021)

for human chain and jingle bells.

Tuusulanjärvi (2021)

for string quartet, electronics

and water-bicycle-pump-installation.

Pest (2021)

for string quintet.

Jam tomorrow (2020)

for big band and electronics.

Sateentekijät (2020)

for hands and gloves.

...and once the good more (2019)

for electric guitar quartet.

Collaboration with composer Þorkell Nordal.

About Crickets (2019)

for clarinet, cello, percussion, electronics and video.

Collaboration with composer Þorkell Nordal.

Synchrome (2018)

for two violins, viola, electronics and painting installation.

Aither (2018)

for an ensemble with balloons and voice.

Rasva (2016)

for two performers, amplified microwave ovens and scent of grease.


​​Hame (2023)

two-necked electric guitar.

Kosketin (2023)

keyboard as boobs.


Kolmas rinta (2020)

kalimba as a third boob.

Kehäkitara (2019)

four-necked electric guitar surrounding the player.

Tölkit (2019)

metal can instrument.

Viuluvartalo (2019)

violin-body instrument.

Äänitakki (2018)

a jacket with nine speakers.

Music for film

Wendy and the Refugee Neverland. (2017)

Director: Olli Ilpo Salonen.

YLE / ELO Film School Helsinki / Metri Films.

Waves (2017)

by  Elian Mikkola.

Siglólates (2016)

by Anna Irina Russell, Maša Poljanec,

Justine Melford-Colegate and Tytti Arola.

Just Kim (2016)

by Elian Mikkola and Susanna Kosonen.

Laulu ennen sammumista (2013)

Director: Ulla Heikkilä.​ ELO Film School Helsinki / Aalto University.

Sound design

Uusi Lastensairaala (2018)

sound design to New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.

Collaboration in a working group.

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