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Paperi is a piece for mixed choir and live electronics. The piece is an ode to paper and a swan song of paper machines – paper morphs to instruments during the piece. The lifespan of a paper is temporary, renewable and sometimes even eternal. The graphic paper is going through a transitional phase because of digitalization and rethinking of the use of natural resources. For composers and musicians, sheet music paper or its representation acts as an effective tool for conveying music to audience. The work wonders what happens to the composition after its premiere – is it treated like a newspaper, is it multiplied worldwide or is it archived to wait for the next person to find it?

Performance by Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir,

conductor Timo Lehtovaara and live electronics Tytti Arola

at 21.11.2020 at Sigyn hall, Turku.

Recording Mats Lillhannus, video Arttu Punkkinen

and sound engineers Joel Kinnunen and Ian Perring.

The piece is commission by Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir.



Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir,

conductor Timo Lehtovaara

live electronics Tytti Arola

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