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Yrttitarha is a concert installation for a percussionist and herbs. The performer communicates with the herb garden spreading to the stage. The piece wonders about the balance – how we treat others and ourselves: take care, cherish, utilize and enjoy.

The piece was commissioned and premiered by percussionist Kalle Hakosalo.

Special thanks to DeliVerde / Lindrothin Puutarha for a possibility to video and record their herb gardens at Turku 30.9.2022. 





Kalle Hakosalo, performance

Tytti Arola, electronics

Copenhagen / DKDM


Kalle Hakosalo, performance

Tytti Arola, electronics

Helsinki / Vapaan taiteen tila

Pictures by Tytti Arola

Trailer of Yrttitarha:

Composition of the piece supported by:

Taiteen edistämiskeskus

Koneen Säätiö

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