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Aither is a piece for balloons and human voice. Aither was believed in Greek mythology to be pure and divine air that the gods were breathing.

In ancient and medieval science it was called as the fifth element filling  the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere.

The piece deals with mysterious simplicity – inventing ways to take a familiar object and present it in an unusual context. Aither is played with a video score which is also shown for the audience, the technology is therefore so transparent that even the viewers could take part in playing the piece.

The piece can be performed by either a small group with amplified balloons or with a large group of performers acoustically.


Aither performed by 300 children and youngsters:

The piece was commissioned by Puolalan musiikkituki ry to celebrate the anniversary of Puolalan musiikkiluokat (50 years) and Puolalanmäen musiikkilukio (30 years). Aither was premiered 12.10.2018 in Turku Concert Hall by approximately 300 children and youngsters.




Balloon Ensemble

What Ever Works! festival 

Turku / Vanha Viinatehdas, Kulttuuritehdas Manilla


Puolala high school choir and Puolala primary school choir

Turku music classes 50- and 30-years celebration concert

Turku / Turku Concert Hall

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