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Kahvi is a concert installation for percussionist, electronics and multiple filter coffee machines. The piece explores the scent of coffee.

The percussionist is surrounded by 8-12 filter coffee machines that create a playground to the stage. The performer has a freedom to explore the theme of coffee in various ways, the piece is heavily improvisation based. The sound engineer interacts with the percussionist by manipulating the sound of the amplified coffee machines as well as launching audio tapes consisting of different kind of sounds related to coffee making.

During the piece there is brewed coffee, which is hopefully drank with the audience after the performance.


Ensemble Garage's Yuka Ohta playing Kahvi at Tampere Biennale 2018. Picture by Maarit Kytöharju.


Hyvät pahat hajut ensemble's Sami Nummela playing Kahvi at Flow Festival 2016. Picture by Petri Summanen.


Drawing of how the coffee machines surround the performer.



Ensemble Garage:

Yuka Ohta, percussion

Simon Spillner, electronics

Tampere Biennale

Tampere, Tullikamarin Pakkahuone


Hyvät pahat hajut-ensemble:

Sami Nummela, drums

Paavo Malmberg, electronics

Flow Festival

Helsinki, Suvilahti / Oranssi


Kahvi Ensemble

Reykjavík, Harpa / Kaldalón

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