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Juhla is installation made in collaboration with visual artist Hanna Laeslehto. The installation consists of six sculptures: 

Angel, Belle, Bijou, Bûche de Noël, Favourite, Mariah and Present. The installation's ​playful combination of materials raises questions about the strangeness and repetitive rituals of Christmas. Familiar Christmas elements have been made into new shapes, movements and sounds. The piece suggests a version of Christmas which is a bit on the wrong side, bleak and terrible, but optimistic in its strangeness.

Documentation by Tytti Arola from Laeslehto's and Arola's exhibition "Kummallinen juhla ja muisto" at Galleria Muuntotila, Tampere 26.11. - 17.12.2022.

Arola's working supported by:

Kone Foundation

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