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Hymy means smile in Finnish. The piece is a work for mixed choir. Smiling is an important part of human communication – through smiling we communicate many things. Most of meanings of smile are positive, we express for example gratitude and friendliness. Smiling is also an embodied act which affect the voice, the composition researches also how smiling affects singing.


The text in the work is a phrase that is according to different sources either an Arabic or Cuban proverb. The message is universal:

”Elämä on kenties lyhyt, mutta hymyyn menee vain sekunti aikaa.”

"Life may be short but a smile takes only a second."

The piece is a commission from Turku University Choir who premiered the piece in their 35-years anniversary concert.



Turku University Choir, conductor Anna Gallon

Turku / Turku Concert hall

Composition of the piece supported by:

Turku University Choir, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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