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Robottikuoro (Robot Choir) is an interactive sound and light installation consisting of 20 speakers and led light tubes. The project is a collaboration between sound artist Tytti Arola and creative studio Counterpoint (Tero Parviainen and Samuel Diggins). Robottikuoro composes music generatively – every concert is unique. Humans can donate their voices for the robots through a mobile application. In the concert, people can try to conduct the Robot Choir with hand movements.


The documentation video is made from Robottikuoro's second gig which took place at Helsinki City hall 16.8.2019.

a s s e m b l e is a piece for 2000 singers and Robottikuoro which brings together the humans, machines and the audience. The work celebrates the collaboration between humans and machines by providing a possibility to sing together. Robottikuoro has gotten its voice from humans who have wanted to donate their voice to the robots by recording their own singing or voicing with a mobile application. Robottikuoro modifies and interprets the given recordings and the result will be partly unknown.

Below can be seen a video of Robottikuoro and Art Goes Kapakka choirs premiering a s s e m b l e (by Tytti Arola) and Finlandia (by Jean Sibelius) in Senate Square 15.8.2019. Conductor Marjukka Riihimäki. Video production by Helsingin Sanomat.

Robottikuoro and a s s e m b l e are a commission by Helsinki Festival.




Research and Innovation Days

Brussels / Kanal Centre Pompidou



Helsinki Festival

Helsinki / City hall


Robottikuoro and a s s e m b l e

Art Goes Kapakka choirs, conducted by Marjukka Riihimäki

Helsinki Festival

Helsinki / Senate Square

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