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Töölönlahti is a composition for bassoon, electronics and gymnastic exercises. Töölönlahti, Tölö bay, is located in the center of Helsinki and it is surrounded by a popular outdoor route which the composition aims to simulate. The environment is examined through its soundscapes with field recordings of the area – sounds of trains passing by, swans growling and snorting, bicycle wheels spinning, friends talking, someone carrying a boom box and someone running in the gravel. Musically the piece is a mashup of genres and expressions, driving inspiration from the iconic cultural buildings surrounding the area. The duration of the work is approximately the same time as the bassoonist Antti Salovaara runs the route around Töölönlahti.

The piece was commissioned and premiered by bassoonist Antti Salovaara.



Antti Salovaara, bassoon & Tytti Arola, electronics

Helsinki / Music Centre


Antti Salovaara, bassoon & Tytti Arola, electronics

Helsinki / Kalliosali


The composition of the piece supported by:

Suomen kulttuurirahaston Uudenmaan rahasto

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