Sound artist, composer and musician


Anonymous Violinists (2020) 

Video and interactive website.

Pest (2020)

Piece for string quintet.

Commission by What ever works-festival.

Jam Tomorrow (2020)

Piece for big band and sampled big band. Commission by Sointi Jazz Orchestra.

Sateentekijät (2020)

Piece for hands and gloves. Collaboration with visual artist Tuula Närhinen.

Paperi (2020)

Piece for mixed choir and electronics.

Commission by Turun Konservatorion Kamarikuoro.



Piece for saxophone trio and electronics.

Commision by Saxtronauts.

...and once the good more (2019)

Composed together with composer Þorkell Nordal.

Composition for four electric guitars and fans,

commission by Sähkökitarakvartetti.

a s s e m b l e (2019)

Piece for Robot Choir and human choir(s).

Robottikuoro (2019)

Sound and light installation with 20 speakers.

Collaboration with Counterpoint studio.

Touko (2019)

8-channel acousmatic composition.

Tölkit (2019)

Simple instrument with metallic cans

and string.

Kehäkitara (2019)

A four-neck guitar that is played inside.

Wing Beats (2019) 

Collaboration with visual artist Tuula Närhinen.

Installation with binaural insect sounds.

Viuluvartalo (2019)

Bodily performance with violins attached to

the body.

About Crickets (2019)

Composed together with composer Þorkell Nordal.

Composition for clarinets, cello, percussion,

electronics and video.Premiere February 2019

in Musica Novaby Helsinki Philharmonic

Orchestra players:Heikki Nikula,

Jaani Helander and Xavi Castelló Aràndiga.

Marenki (2018)

Composition for chamber choir.Text by Tuulikki Blom. Commissioned by Haloa choir, premiere November 2018 by Haloa choir.

Aither (2018)

Composition for large school choir or a small ensemble.

Commissioned by Puolala high school, premiere October 2018 by Puolala high school choir and Puolala primary school choir.

Synchrome (2018)

Composition for two violins, viola and electronics. Commissioned by Meidän festivaali, premiere July 2018 in Meidän festivaali

by Pekka Kuusisto, Terhi Paldanius, Malin Broman and Kimmo Antikainen.

Äänipiiri (2018)

An improvisational spatial looping tool.

Musta pilvi (2018)

Sound installation with black objects and transducers.

Äänitakki (2018)

A jacket containing 9 speakers that canbe used in a performance or installation setting.

Thinking sounds (2018)

Sound installation with paper and metal. 

Ilmapallokone (2017)

Sonic sculpture containing metal, balloons and nylon strings.

Collaboration with Hanna Laeslehto.

Puhukaa minulle (2017) 

Spoken word project.

Sound design to texts by Anna-Sofia Tuominen, Sandra Schneider,

Jussi Lehtomäki, Tuulikki Blom and Juho Vanamo. 

Waves (2017) 

Original film score.

Dir. Ella Mikkola. Art film, 7 mins.

Wendy and the Refugee Neverland (2017)

Original film score. Dir. Olli Ilpo Salonen. YLE / ELO Film School Helsinki. Metri Films. Feature film, indie comedy, 87 mins.

Metsä (2016)

Composition for violin, looper, surround sound and scent of forrest.

Rasva (2016)

Composition for five miked microwave ovens and popcorns.

Kahvi (2014/2016)

Composition for a drummer, audiotape and 12 filter coffee machines.

Urbaani ääni (2016)

Contemporary Finnish / Icelandic folk music in collaboration with Ingibjörg Ýr Skarphéðinsdóttir.

MIS/TÚLKA - Sun, paper, mud. (2016)

Sound design to three poems by Dorothy Cheung.

Siglólates (2016)

Series of exercise videos. Collaboration with Anna Irina Russell, Maša Poljanec and Justine Melford-Colegate.

Just Kim (2016)

Original film score. Dir. Ella Mikkola and Susanna Kosonen. Documentary, 8 mins.

Pähkinänsärkijä 2.0 (2015)

Sound and video design with Tuulikki Blom to a shortened version of Tšaikovski's Nutcracker. Collaboration with conductor Kaapo Ijas and corepgrapher Lotta Wichmann with Arts Orchestra and contemporary dancers from Nurmijärvi dance school.

Where the rain wants to rain (2015-)

Collecting sound and video material from Faroe Islands for a children's story about the only bridge in Faroe Islands.

A shadow of a rich man's vomit (2014)

Sound design to a performance. Collaboration with Mariann Hansen, Dominique Gyða Sigrúnardóttir,

Þuríður Blær Jóhannsdóttir and Gréta Kristín Ómarsdóttir.


It's Freya Bitch (2013)

Sound design to a performance. Collaboration with Freya Herrmann.

Laulu ennen sammumista (2013)

Original film score. Elo Film School Helsinki / Aalto University, short film, 20 mins.

Photo: Venla Helenius