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I am a Finnish sound artist/composer, musician living in Helsinki. I am interested in music as a multisensory phenomenon. I like to create instruments from the real sounds of the world. I enjoy bringing daily life to concert venues and exhibition spaces. I like to blur the roles of performer, composer and audience. Lately I've been drawn towards performance art and instrument building. Here are some examples of my works.

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Robottikuoro (2019) is a sound and light installation with 20 speakers. The work was commissioned by Helsinki Festival and made in collaboration with Counterpoint. The sound material was collected from volunteers through an mobile app.

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Kehäkitara (2019) is a four-neck electric guitar.

It is part of a collection of instruments called Ihmiskehonjatkesoittimet (Extended Human Body Instruments). The documentation is from a performance at Tartu Interdistsiplinaar Festival in August 2020.

In the beginning of the performance, Keskirintapeukalopiano (Middle Boob Thumb Piano) can be also heard.

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Synchrome (2018) is piece for two violins,

viola, electronics and painting.

The piece was commissioned by Meidän Festivaali and premiered in the festival 27.7.2018 by Pekka Kuusisto (violin), Terhi Paldanius (violin), Malin Broman (viola) and Kimmo Antikainen (electronics).

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Hanna Laeslehto's exhibition "Muovailuvahaa, keramiikka ja lyyraviikunanlehtiä" in Terrace Lobby gallery in Väre, Espoo. Laeslehto's sculptures were made with the idea of them being able to make sound – I performed with them in the exhibition opening 10.6.2019.

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Exobiology (2019) (I. part: Kohoaminen) performed by Saxtronauts

(Anna-Sofia Anttonen tenor saxophone, Sikri Lehko tenor saxophone and Nanna Ikonen baritone saxophone) at Vapaan taiteen tila 19.1.2020.


Exobiology is an interdisciplinary field of science researching evolution and the future of life in the universe. Exobiologists try to find answers to the question of whether extra-terrestrial life exists.
The first part of the piece “Kohoaminen” contemplates whether gender affects the choice of a career or practising the profession. The piece is inspired by women who have flown to space.

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Thinking sounds (2018) is a 4-channel sound installation. The audio material is based on

interviews with Finnish prime ministers.

The visual installation provides a score of the sounds heard and also shows the thoughts that were on the interviews but are not heard.

The video is from an exhibition

at Vapaan taiteen tila (Helsinki, Finland) 3/2018.

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Paperi (2020) is a piece for mixed choir, paper and live electronics commissioned by Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir.

Video from the premiere on 21.11.2020 at Sigyn hall, Turku. Performance by Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir,

conductor Timo Lehtovaara and live electronics Tytti Arola.

Recording Mats Lillhannus, video Arttu Punkkinen and sound engineers Joel Kinnunen and Ian Perring.

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Jam tomorrow (2020) is a piece for big band and sampled big band. The title is an expression for a never-fulfilled promise or a pleasant event in the future, which is never likely to materialize. For the piece, the composer recorded and sampled Sointi Jazz Orchestra in order to create an experimental and compressed "fake big band".

Sointi Jazz Orchestra

conductor: Rasmus Soini

fake big band: Selma Savolainen, Mikko Sarvanne and Tytti Arola

documentation: Sointi Jazz Orchestra

premiere in 19.9.2020 at Kapsäkki

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